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fandom_gifs's Journal

The community for GIFs of all fandoms
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+ We've seen icon communities, picspam communities, animated icon communities, but not a GIF community hence...
+ This community is mainly for GIF posts and GIF posts only. Meaning no icons, no banners no wallpapers etc.
+ A team of makers will be selected/invited to post their GIFs here.
+ So, I welcome everyone to join the community because everybody loves them some GIFs

To gain posting access, you will a) be invited to post or b) have to fill out the maker application
+ All posts are to be for members only
+ You must include a subject line when posting
+ You must include tags when posting (see tags for more details)
+ There is not to be more than 1 GIf animation outside an LJ cut.
+ The GIF animation outside the cut should not exceed 500px x 300px
+ IMPT: Please place all spoilers behind an LJ cut. Your post will be rejected should there be a spoiler not put under a cut.

+ The tags are simple. The fandoms are either television fandoms or movie fandoms
+ For example, if your gifs are from the show Gossip Girl, you will tag it like this tv: gossip girl
+ Likewise, if it were a movie, you'd tag it like this movie: transformers
+ Since there will be several makers here at fandom_gifs, I would also appreciate a maker tag like this maker: glitterbella
+ Should there be any exceptions, feel free to post a short line at the end of your entry with something like "please let me know how I should tag this" and I will add a new tag for it.
+ Apart from all two aforementioned type of tags, you are not allowed to create a new tag.

+ Please join and watch the community as entries will be members only.
+ Please credit the makers should they ask for credit
+ No trolling, harrassing, bitching, starting bitch fights or bashing is tolerated in this community

+ If you would like to be affiliates, feel free to comment here
+ Should you have any enquiries/reports you would like to make about certain troll members/suggestions etc, feel free to send me a personal message.

layout x moderator